Are you ready to take your artistry to the next level?

Singers are storytellers and the secret to singing in any style is learning how to tell a story with our voice!


You are Meant to Sing

There is no other YOU in the world and the number one thing holding you back from singing any style you want is learning how to let your voice follow your storyteller. 

Yes you need to work on technique, but technique doesn’t build connection with others. To master a specific style or genre, you have to dive in deep, beyond registration, vowel, and intensity to the core of human expression. You have to study history, listen analytically to others, and understand how to learn from other artists. Most singers spend a lifetime searching for the answers and until now they’ve been hard to find. I spent YEARS trying to find them myself and that’s why we created Singing with Style! To help you avoid the frustration of searching endlessly for answers so you can achieve the success you’ve been looking for in your performances.

If you are ready to stop feeling stuck, start making progress, and unlock the artist within, then this is the course for you.  

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You can learn to be more artistic

Some singers would like you to believe you either have it or you don’t, but that’s not true. Whether they know it or not, the artists you admire were influenced by others. They absorbed traits along the way as they listened to and watched other artists perform. What they absorbed made them the artists they are today. You can do the same thing once you know what you are listening for and how to communicate emotions with your voice.

You can learn to sing any style

Style is a combination of rhythmic, melodic, and vocal traits that align with the instruments that accompany the singer. Its the combination of textures, rhythmic emphasis, and storytelling that we associate with differences in style or genre. Anyone can learn any style once they know what to look for and how to immerse themselves in the work.

You are way more interesting than you realize

There are 7.6 billion people in this world, but only one YOU. No one else in the world has had the same life experience as you, so there is no other person in the world who will look at a song in the exact same way as you look at it. Once you accept that and embrace your point of view, allowing your voice to follow your storyteller, you will be able to create unique performances that no one has ever heard before.

Your Coach

I'm Dr. Matt Edwards, but you can just call me Matt. I'm a vocal coach who has worked with thousands of performers from all over the world in private sessions, recording studios, workshops, and masterclasses in all styles of singing. I know from experience that everyone is capable of giving an intense, energized, or captivating performance if they get out of their own way! You just have to learn to how to think like the artists you admire, and for the record - they had help too. But instead of calling that helper a voice teacher or vocal coach, they call them vocal producers. Go ahead and Google “vocal producer.” Those vocal producers will charge you $15,000 or more per song out in LA. But for less than the cost of a private one-hour session with me, I’m going to give you all the secrets the pros use so you can communicate your human experience through song. 

Professionally Produced 

Our modules were recorded and produced in Hollywood by an award-winning production company. All videos are available in 4K and are accompanied by curated playlists, listening assignments, worksheets to help you study the artists you admire, and a step-by-step plan to help you bring any song to life. There are also bonus exercise tracks that will help you coordinate the sounds in your own voice, so you can focus on the story instead of the technique.

An incredible value

To get this information in private sessions would cost well over $500. A weekend workshop could easily cost $999 or more. One major university is charging $1,497 for their take on this same information. While the information is worth those prices, they also happen to be prices that are out of reach for a vast majority of singers. In fact, when I was first starting out, that price would have been way beyond my means. That is why I am passionate about bringing high quality content to singers all around the world at a price they can afford. So we are offering a special discount on this course to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take their singing to the next level. You can get the entire video series, workbook, exercises, and access to our collection of over 20 hours of video responses to the most commonly asked questions about vocal technique and style for just $97!

We support teachers!

In addition to sponsoring events, we are setting aside a portion of all sales to benefit the National Association of Teachers of Singing. NATS represents professional voice teachers throughout the world and we are proud to help them in their mission "To encourage the highest standards of the vocal art and of ethical principles in the teaching of singing and to promote vocal education and research at all levels, both for the enrichment for the enrichment of the general public and for the professional advancement of the talented."

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